National and Regional labels

National and Regional Brands plays an important role in any Retail Business. Har-hith is sourcing an assortment of products in the food & beverages, Ready to eats, Personal Care and Home care categories from National and Regional Brands. Har-Hith is also providing an opportunity to these labels to tap the new markets.

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Food & Beverage

Ready to Eat

Personal Care

Home Care

Platform for Self Help Groups(SHGs) & Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)

Har-Hith will provide an inclusive platform to SHGs and FPOs. This project will push in generating more employment at the ground level and will also help in the creation of more fair business opportunities for SHGs and FPOs.

By associating with Har-Hith, FPOs and SHGs get:

  • Enhanced productivity through efficient and cost-effective resources
  • Higher returns through better market linkages
  • Overall socio-economic development and well beings

Cooperative Partners

The State Government of Haryana has extended assistance under Har-Hith Project to assist the cooperative organisations Societies in achieving their goals. Har-Hith Project gives better market access and broader reach. The Government Cooperatives associated with Har-Hith are Har-Khadi, HAFED, HPMC, NAFED and Vita etc.

Through Har-Hith Government Cooperatives can

  • Direct Supply of Products through Har-Hith Retail Store
  • Help in establishing Government brands
  • Get better market access to co-operative federations

MSME Partners

Har- Hith is an initiative of the Government of Haryana in the Retail Sector. It boosts the liquidity and ensures the return of investment of an entrepreneur.

By linking with Har-Hith, Partners will get:

  • New Market access
  • Exclusive Platform to Promote their products
  • Enhancing Manufacturing Capabilities

Products Via E-BID

Har-Hith has formed a design to empower the MSMEs/Suppliers & other by delivering efficiency, transparency, and traceability in the FMCG procurement through technology. To provide a fair opportunity to get the most competitive platform, Har-Hith has associated with Star Agri bazaar. FMCG products like Dry fruits, Cereals & Cereals products, Sugar, Rice, Flour & Flour Mixes, Pulses, and Spices (whole and powder) will be procured through e-bidding.

Register as a supplier at Star Agri bazaar e-bidding portal.

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By joining with Har-hith:

  • Reach your products direct to consumers without any middle man
  • Get optimum value for your products